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    The scenery that spreads in front of me consists of dimensions of vertical, horizontal, depth and time. Needless to say, all the artificial objects and gravity, sound, smell, temperature, humidity, lights, feelings and pathos made by human beings are rising haphazardly from the nature’s universe.


    I cut them into pieces and regenerate them into images in the brain. Those images are revitalized in the brain, then discharged as part of myself (art work) in a form of photography, graphic art or music.


    All sources of ideas are coming from my being and co-existence with cities.


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    Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1960. Living and working in Tokyo, Japan.

    Studied photographic science and graphic design at an art university. Held the first exhibition, ‘The Alphabetical Orgasm’, a series of computer graphic arts, in 1991which was praised and covered by many domestic and overseas presses. Following the first exhibition, released several new art works regularly. Awarded a Grand Prix at the digital entertainment program by Sony Music. Expanded activities to major market and made a debut as a multi media artist from Sony. Released several music, games and video contents that were highly recognized. Among these, ‘LSD Dream Emulator’, the content for PLAY STATION, was especially praised as art masterpiece and created a new era of computer games. It is still enthusing audiences all over the world. Resumed activities as a graphic artist and photographer in recent years.


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